Real estate experience

A service marking the new era of architectural visualizations:
one project, multiple derivated applications and content.

Real support in sale and planning of:

buildings/architectures under
design and/or construction

buildings/architectures already
erected but not yet furnished inside

requiring renovation

Aimed at the following professionals or companies:

builders and private individuals

architecture studios and interior designers

real estate agencies and investment funds

The virtual environment is made of the following elements:

architectural project provided by the client or carried out by our architects

branded products for interior design either bespoke or taken directly from our library

photo-realistic and animated 3D avatars to bring the architectural project to life

The following commercial applications and derivations will be provided:

real-time desktop application

real-time VR application

streaming 3D real-time (web)

virtual tour 360° (web)

cinematic video renderings

rendered pictures

Real-time desktop & VR


Real-time Application for Architectural Visualization. The program is available for installation on devices with Windows operating system and capable of running Desktop (PC) and/or Virtual Reality (VR).

Technical specs

  • “Unreal Engine” as development platform;
  • Modelling and optimisation of interiors and exteriors of the architectural project;
  • Integration of branded products straight out of our library (or bespoke);
  • Set-up of materials, lights, features;
  • We provide the application (.exe) which can be used either on Desktop PC or VR system and it can be installed on Windows PCs;

Integrated features

  • User Interface: loading screen with video rendering of the project, menu and graphical interface to start navigation, plan view and information on controls;
  • Player control: free range navigation and exploration within the environment;
  • Object interaction: interaction with objects in the scene such as switches, on/off lights, televisions and furniture. Possibility of interaction and modification of materials or product types in real time;
  • Real time rendering: functionality for capturing images in real time;
  • Character animation: integration of photorealistic and animated 3D characters (Avatars);
  • Music: ambient music;

Streaming real-time 3D


Streaming technology allows you to explore real-time 3D environments directly on the web, without the need to install the application on the device. To run the application from the browser, it needs to be configured on a server in the cloud.
Anyone can then connect and access the content from any recent web browser, regardless of the hardware characteristics of the device being used. In this regard, we can integrate the “Real time Desktop” project directly into a web page, so that it can be distributed to business partners via a simple link. Access can be either free or password-protected, depending on needs.


  • Excellent internet connection to allow fluid navigation;
  • Build up of the application on dedicated servers;

Web 360° virtual tour


“Generation of 360° panoramic views for Virtual Tours that can be integrated into the website and/or project page. Accessible via web from all major devices (smartphone, tablet and PC).”

Technical specs

  • Generation of 360° panoramic views running on “Unreal Engine”;
  • Accessible through web with any device (smartphone, tablet, PC);
  • You will be provided with a link (URL) to be connected with your website or project page;

Integrated features

  • User interface: initial screen with static name and description;
  • Player control: side navigation menus for scene selection;
  • Gyroscope: can be activated via smartphone;
  • VR setup: for cardboard;
  • Floor plan;
  • Points of movement: defined;
  • Points of interaction: for modification of materials;
  • Music: ambient music;

Video and picture renderings


Real-time technology drastically reduces the time and cost of generating cinematographic and emotional rendering and video.

Technical specs

  • Render in 2K / 4K quality;
  • Video editing (storyboarding, camera angles and animations setting, information level with text and graphics, video editing);
  • Music editing;

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What are the advantages?

Find out all the advantages real-time technologies can offer in the architectural sector.

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