Exclusive residences, one-of-a-kind flats, distinguished by wide spaces and stylish details.

A historic building fully rebuilt according to nowadays requirements for safety and stability.

Perfectly fit in a historic neighborhood which is living a new renaissance.

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Real estate experience






15 days

Services provided

The project was aimed mainly at creating high quality material both for the 3D visualisation of architecture and interior design, and the communication of the same.
More in details, the following applications and commercial derivated items have been delivered to the customer:

Real-time desktop: we have provided a 3D real-time application for architectural visualisation. The software can be installed on devices running Windows and it can be executed from Desktop (PC).

Web 360° Virtual Tour: Generation of 360° panoramic views for Virtual Tours that can be integrated into the website and/or project page.

Cinematic images and video rendering: real-time technology has enabled us to drastically reduce the time and costs for generating 4 video rendering for the promotion of the architectural project.

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