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Our vision about brands

Now more than ever, our vision and mission is to make possible and accessible the connection between real products and their respective digital 3D twins.

We are indeed creating a large library of 3D replicas by selecting products from more than 100 Design Brands, optimizing their models for use in real-time architectural projects.

By offering digital copies of real products, we are connecting the interior design industry and the real estate sector with smart, scalable solutions designed to innovate.

New revenue opportunities

In fact, many projects we have delivered have highlighted in the eyes of builders and real estate that the customer, in addition to having an innovative and engaging experience, often asked for a quote of the furnishings presented inside the project. In many cases this has turned into an additional activity and a collateral gain for builders and real estate who have achieved the complete sale of the furnishings.

The most prominent example was FirstLight, the Seattle skyscraper, where we were responsible for the development in VR and Realtime of Made in Italy products, Minotti and B&B above all. The customers who bought those flats asked for minimal changes to the furnishing plans and also bought all the furnishings presented with these new technologies at once.

Connection between real and digital products

This is the reason why we have worked on this connection between real and digital products, preparing and optimising a wide range of branded and ready-to-integrate edge products and usable through the new real-time 3D visualisation technologies. All the products available in our library are faithful to their real counterpart, so that the customer can easily perceive the relationship between his experience and the product.

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The new digital era for brands

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